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Lead Capture Workbook

Looking to drive sales, promote your brand, and build your email list?

Discover the methods of creating a lead magnet, effective website set-up, and the tools you’ll need to do it!

For just $10 you’ll learn exactly how to create your own lead magnet and build an online funnel to capture leads and make sales all while boosting your website’s SEO!

The detailed instructional video and 15 page workbook (complete with tools list and diagrams) contain everything you need to build your own online funnel TODAY!

Samantha McHone of Tarragon Studios is teaching this exciting workshop!*

Purchase the Video + Workbook for $10!

*recorded from the OTB hosted live event on April 12th, so if you couldn’t make it then, now is your chance to see what everyone has been talking about and start putting these strategies to work for you!