Kristina Rowell with the Rowell Agency - Testimonial

 I’m a small agency. I personally take care of my clients and I do my best to provide them a higher level of service than expected. But I can’t provide the level of all-around service I want to give all by myself. The only way to accomplish that is to find like-minded professionals that truly want to be better than average when it comes to their service and dedication. The way to find those like-minded professionals? Strategic networking.

I’ve tried those expensive groups, ones that require a set number of referrals shared to stay in their “good graces”. I’ve worked the cheap routes and run into the “preferred” members that’s tough to infiltrate. And I’ve looked into starting my own group but simply don’t have the time to do all that and keep my customer service on point.

Probably because I am small and my clients are more than a name in my agency, I am picky on the level of service I provide. I refuse to hand my clients names out just to satisfy a rule. I don’t want a partner that only thinks about dollar signs. And I don’t need someone who doesn’t truly understand and have passion for their own industry/business. I need to know that my clients are going to someone that respects my passion for doing the right thing and values their own reputations enough to not slack on their services or products.

I am so glad I found Out of the Box Networking! The entire format of these meetings have not only introduced me to like-minded professionals that I will gladly refer my clients to but has grown the list I can confidently call “friends as well.

With every weekly meeting I learn something new that I can apply to my business. Ideas that help me grow my business and strategies on how not to let my business get me down when things get slow. I’ve learned about other industries; their struggles and cool things they do that I didn’t even know existed. And I’ve learned about myself personally, gaining a better understanding of what leads me to function at my best and how to avoid the things that make me function less productively.

If you want to grow a strong referral network, find an Out of the Box Networking Group or click on the links below for more details. They have the tools to help you succeed on more levels than just paper.

Kristina Rowell with the Rowell Agency